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Villa Ginevra Cavallino Treporti gb

Hotel - Bed & Breakfast Cavallino Treporti Venice

Bookings by phone +39 041 96 80 74

Albergo - Restorante - Pizzeria - Bar

Villa Ginevra

Via del Ghetto, 19

30013 Cavallino (VE)

Hotel - Bed & Breakfast Cavallino-Treporti.

Hotel Villa Ginevra, which is open all year, is situated in the leisurely and quiet area of Cavallino- Treporti, far from the main road and only 700 meters from our private beach area. It is ideal for sun and nature lovers and for people who enjoy outdoors life.

Family Enzo looks forward to welcoming you to their Hotel where you will feel at home and well looked after

Tel: 041 96 80 74 Fax: 041 96 85 45