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VINOTECA - WINE BAR - Locale caldo ,accogliente ed elegante offre alla propria clientela una prestigiosa scelta di oltre 300 etichette tra vini, grappe, distillati

(la maggior parte alla mescita) con abbinamenti di taglieri formaggi e affettati.

Organizziamo corsi di degustazioni, serate a tema e corsi di sommeliers.

In estate con il chioscetto esterno offre il servizio di vino da asporto da bere quotidianamete in vacanza.



Welcome to Al Chiosco.com, the site of reference for the lovers of the Italian wine! Sailing through our pages you will have the possibility to know, to appreciate and to buy on-line Italian wine of quality. Each of the proposed products has been selected giving particular prominence to that small Venetian producers that invest in the quality, and that they have made of their work an art. You will have the possibility to try to a really special price thanks to the formula “more you order… less you spend!”, some of our products. comfortably in your house, in whatever period of the year and anywhere you you are.
Return to find us, there will be some novelties for you every month!
During the summer period, then you have the possibility to personally try in our wine,
thanks to the free tasting to Cavallino. We invite you, therefore, to come to find us in summer when ago very warm and the sea and stupendous, we suggest you to also bring to your house something of good person and typical of our zones.