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Agraria del Cavallino Treporti

Giardinaggio - Agricoltura - Prodotti per Animali

Prodotti Biologici - Assistenza Tecnica - Consegne a Domicilio

Maybe the most characteristic local shop of Cavallino-Treporti,

it’s worth visiting also only for curiosity or to spend some relaxing time.

In a big historical building you’ll find the widest range of pet food and pet care products.

The Agraria del Cavallino is also a paradise for gardeners and farmers, both professionals and hobbists.

Hundreds of different seeds of the best quality, every kind of products to take care of your plants, and a large exposition of biological substances.

The very friendly staff is  aquainted to suggest you about every problem regarding animals and plants.

All this listening to the best music, hand-picked for you by good musicians. In the same place you’ll find free unlimited wi-fi connection,  covering also all the main square of Cavallino.

Di Lazzarini Enzo & C s.a.s - P.zza S. M Elisabetta,19 - 30013 Cavallino (VE)  - Chiuso sabato pomeriggo