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Apartments in Cavallino Treporti

Tourist Accommodation by the Adriatic sea and Lagoon of Venice with Hotels and Camping Resorts providing the best in Europe, with Holiday apartments, Bungalows and Bed & Breakfast accommodation provides for every ones taste and budget.

Immobiliare Fausta

Via Fausta, 403/A

Cavallino Treporti

30013 Al

Multiservice Immobiliare

Via Fausta, 154

Cavallino Treporti



Via Fausta 403/C

Cavallino Treporti


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Porto Turistico Jesolo

Situated on the left side of the river Sile in the calm and fresh-water of its mouth, the Porto Turistico of Jesolo is perfect for the access of every kind of boat up to 3 meters draught. Luxury apartments surrounding the Marina built to highest standards.

Tel. 0039 042 1972568



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