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Our Agritourism “Acqua Dolce” was born from our desire to create a serene place of rest to welcome our guests that want to get away from the frenetic, fast pace of life that we often find ourselves involved with at work.  

Located between the lagoon of Venice and the beach, we offer a serene ambiance, quiet atmosphere.

The story behind our name begins in the 900’s, when the zone, on which the Bed & Breakfast is built was a fresh water fish farm called “Valle Dolce”.  This beautiful building has recently been restored and converted to our B&B and is a testament to the rural Venetian culture in the confines and borders of the Provence of Venice.

The land is surrounded by beautiful gardens with fruit trees and you can breath the fresh air of the Adriatic sea, which is a mere 300 yards away. It is only a short walk to various shopping areas, amusement park, restaurants and you can easily catch a boat to St. Marks Square in Venice, or the surrounding Islands.

Our B&B offers our guests a variety of up to 11 nicely furnished rooms with breakfast, and the possibility during the day to taste some typical fruits and vegetables which come from our land.